CanQualify vs ISNetworld Comparison

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Choosing the right contractor management software provider is foundational to the success of a healthy and diverse supply chain of vendors.

Below is a comparison of the five main differentiators when clients partner with CanQualify instead of ISNetworld (ISN) for contractor management software.

Contractor management software has become a hot commodity in the world of customer requirements and compliance. Gathering and keeping training records current to meeting customer insurance requirements, contractor management databases have become a one-stop shopping service of administering and controlling data mandated by the customer’s regulations.

Contractors providing services for their customers must meet and maintain these databases to ensure compliance. The process can be tedious and time-consuming, and usually, the contractor cannot select which contractor management database provider they must register with. The customer harnesses the decision to choose which software provider to work with. The contractor gets rewarded with the membership fee and typically no input on the selection.

While the provider options are great in number, specific criteria narrow the list of the preferred down quite quickly. CanQualify overshadows a well-known industry competitor, ISNetworld or ISN, in a surplus of points that remain at contention.

Main differentiators when using CanQualify vs ISN for a Supplier Management and Prequalification solutions:

  • Turn-times. Measured in days, not weeks. Contractors are routinely screened within 24 hours of registering.
  • Customer Support. No need to hire a third party. Customer service is readily available through online chat, email, and even the phone to help guide contractors through registrations.
  • Ease-of-use. The dashboard is straightforward, user-friendly and simple to navigate.
  • Relevant Requirements and lack of Redundancy. No need to enter data twice and only upload the data that is relevant to the work provided.
  • Pricing. No setup fees! Pricing is fair, reasonable, and affordable to even smaller contractors.


Inputting data into contractor management databases, like ISN, typically becomes extensively taxing. The time spent completing this task commandeers time that should be devoted to more immediate and essential duties. Many companies find themselves forced with employing administrators whose sole mission revolves around inputting data and managing the contractor’s information entered within these sites. For large entities, this might be practical, but for smaller businesses, the position does not prove economically viable.

CanQualify offers an eased integration process provided through dedicated support staff. Data collection no longer results in stress and monopolized time as CanQualify manages the entire prequalification process. Contracting with this superior contractor management solution provider allows contractors to focus their time on their business while dedicating customer support representatives to initiate accounts.

CanQualify’s superior data management process further offers favor in eliminating the need for auditing. Maintaining the company’s information and remaining current ensures coverage, which other sites, ISN included, conform through time-consuming and costly audits.

Customer Support

While all contractor management sites offer customer service, CanQualify extends the reach and customizes the approach. ISN and other sites provide telephone support, email communications, and even a handy live chat feature. CanQualify mirrors the same coverage but with a bonus feature.

Each of CanQualify’s customers benefits from customer service that provides assigned representatives to each account. A personal relationship manifests as contractors find comfort and reassurance in the fact that each time they pick up the phone, their needs will be met by a professional who is familiar with the account and has been there from the start in building and maintaining the profile. The individualized touch allows CanQualify’s customer service to surpass the quality brought by competitive sites.


ISN calls upon its customer support features to guide its customers through the primary use of its site. Inputting data rarely requires support from that customer support individual. CanQualify instead provides a user-friendly and intuitive site that allows for simple navigation. Now time can be better spent on more important items about the contractor’s business and not directing hours upon hours to retrieve specific information not readily available.

Accessing information proves just as elementary as secondary devices. Users can gain entry and retrieve data from cellular devices and the like with the same ease as stationed in front of a workplace computer. This diversity in data availability enhances the user’s experience and only solidifies CanQualify’s ability to remove the burden and better time management.

Relevant Requirements and Redundancy

Ranking as a primary issue, contractors often depend on third-party providers to maintain their ISN accounts and those of other contractor management providers. While seeking compliance, the result frequently yields just the opposite.

With multiple customers utilizing one management company like ISN, third-party services charge ahead and focus on meeting those requirements for each contractor they represent. So, while one customer has specific needs, the contractor must complete them; another might require something else. Third-party providers concentrate on meeting those requirements, even if they do not apply to the contractor’s scope of work. This situation often ends in paper-pushing and pencil-whipping programs being drafted to gain the checkmark of approval. In the end, when and if a regulatory agency becomes involved and discovers the contractor attempts compliance with a program of fluff, contracts receive the proverbial stamp of noncompliance, and then a whole other scenario arises.

CanQualify removes this path of noncompliance from the equation. Customization and a personal approach result in a streamlined process but with a concentration on relevant needs. CanQualify serves as the intermediary between the customer and contractor to bridge the gap between what is needed and that which is not applicable. CanQualify recognizes the futility in providing a safety program for a service the contractor does not even offer.

The third-party companies additionally maneuver into play as a means to an end. Sites like ISN request repetitive information for each customer. For example, contractor management sites track man-hours or working hours accumulated per customer. If the contractor only worked for three out of five customers, the designated site administrator, or third-party service provider, would enter zero hours for each of the two customers where they did not perform. That seems quite excessive to allocate time for data entry when no work was even conducted.

CanQualify once again removes the burden and directs the site to administrate those zero hours. Recognizing the contractor pays the bill, CanQualify concentrates on facilitating easier use for more proactive outcomes. This innovative capability exemplifies a more streamlined process of time management and practical functionality.


While ISN and its competitors base pricing off a formulating method encompassing headcount and service rendered, CanQualify offers a more palatable option. Instead of focusing on man-hours or the total number of employees, CanQualify concentrates on the number of employees who require prequalification.

Following a more honorable system, CanQualify bases contractor charges on use. In addition to pinpointing a headcount of actual users, the contractor management solutions provider bills only for work completed. That amount of work is determined by relevance and genuine need. As a result, CanQualify provides a more robust service through a superior platform for much less than ISN and the other sites trolling the masses.

Article by Nick Vaccaro
A safety manager with over eight years of oil and gas experience. Nick specializes in HSE consulting and writing and is the owner of SHALE EHS LLC.