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If you need a solution to manage and prequalify your suppliers, but do not want your suppliers to incur direct fees in the process, then InQual is for you.

InQual is a the most effective self-managed prequalification software available that’s simple to navigate for all users. The intuitive dashboard is straightforward with understandable requirements and allows you to digitize your company’s prequalification requirements in one centralized location.

A low-cost solution to supplier prequalification for companies who want to easily manage suppliers but keep the process internal.

InQual is a subscription-based product that grants you access to our powerful supplier prequalification software but, allows you to manage the process internally and not outsource to a third-party support team.

InQual Features:

  • Digital Supplier Prequalification
  • Collection of Safety Stats
  • Insurance Collection
  • Store Important Documents in the Cloud
  • Set Notifications
  • Reduced overall Costs
  • Manage Supplier Employee Training and Data
  • Self-Managed

If you hire just a few or even a few hundred suppliers, this service could be just what you need.

InQual is our unique product that is a subscription-based model so the cost of service is not distributed to your suppliers. You simply pay the monthly fee (or annual for a discount) and your suppliers, vendors, contractors and/or subcontractors do not incur costs to prequalify.

Pricing Model:

Contractors DocuQual SafetyQual InsureQual Total

*Pricing is based on an Annual subscription.
*Contact Us for pricing payment options.

Still need some convincing? Maybe these examples sound familiar…

Use Case sample one:
Sarah is Pascal Enterprises Safety Director, and like many other safety directors at other companies, she wears many hats. One of which is to manage and prequalify Pascal’s contractors. This causes Sarah to receive tons of emails, many of them with multiple attachments, because Pascal’s prequalification form is a PDF that is downloaded and then completed by the contractors. Once it’s completed it then gets emailed back to Sarah, along with any accompanying requested documents. She tries her best to track all the data, forms, insurance, and training certs so she enters it best she can into an excel spreadsheet while the emails get placed into an outlook folder and any printed paperwork going into a filing cabinet. Sarah has a tough task trying to keep all the data up-to-date and it will become even more difficult when Pascal expands to another site. InQual is Sarah’s solution!

Use Case sample two:
Bill works for ABS Incorporated and needs a program for his subcontractor to comply with OSHA 1910.119 (h) “the term contractor includes subcontractor.”  Because of OSHA 1910, many of the clients ABS works for are starting to mandate a subcontractor prequalification program. However, Bill works with a lot of smaller companies who can’t afford the cost of some prequalification service. Some other subcontractors may provide essential services, but their invoices are simply too low to justify paying for prequalification – especially considering the cost of many of the alternative prequalification options. Bill, directly speaking, does not want his subcontractors paying fees to participate in ABS Inc’s prequalification program. InQual is Bill’s solution!

“Thank you! Can’t thank you enough for helping me through the process.”

Raymond J Childs JR,
R.J. Childs General Contracting

“CanQualify is our preferred supplier prequalification company. We’d encourage all hiring clients to use them because of a multitude of reasons: customer support, relevant requirements, quick turn times, easy to understand dashboard and very affordable.”

George Bourbeau,
Amherst Insulation & Firestop

“Simply put, this company is good.”

Arturo Delgado,
General Contractor

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CanQualify is a Better way to Qualify and Manage supplier because we are what the prequalification process should be.






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