Do you need to pre-qualify your contractors/suppliers?

A better way to qualify and manage suppliers.

We provide multiple contractor management solutions. Each of our solutions is delivered through an intuitive cloud-based platform.

Clients are able to manage and compare suppliers from directly within the platform. This enables clients to choose the safest and most-qualified supplier for the task at hand.

Supplier Pre-Qualification

DocuQual” is an intuitive web-based prequalification assessment that validates supplier compliance based on specific hiring client requirements. Includes the collection of documents such as company policies, MSAs, T&Cs and more.

Supplier prequalification is a vital tool to help assess the risk classification of all contractors who are hired based on safety sensitive or not-safety sensitive as well as compliant or non-compliant.

Smaller contractors may not perform the same level of service in some cases however, anyone working on a client’s site can still carry a level of risk because incidences can occur regardless of the company size the worker is employed by.

Prequalifying suppliers is a proven way to help reduce that risk.

The Customizable Prequalification questionnaire is based on specific client requirements. We work with you to ensure the prequalification process is easy to navigate. The assessment is set up to be relevant to your operations and the work your suppliers will be performing.

Safety Data Management

“SafetyQual” is the annual collection & validation of safety statistics. Data collected such as incident reports (OHSA, MSHA, DOT, etc.) EMR certs, loss run reports, citation history, etc. and includes the collection of the supplier’s safety manual.

You set the benchmarks for the level of compliance the suppliers must met. For example, if the supplier’s DART rate is above 4 or the EMR is greater than 1, you can set either of those to trigger a non-compliant red icon. You hold the keys.

The identified safety stats are gathered from all of your contractors, vendors, and/or suppliers. We then make all data and documents accessible to you in one central location.

We believe the entire prequalification process should be direct and relevant. So, when it comes to safety data management, we do not require suppliers to answer questions or submit material for services they do not provide.

For example, a contractor who is hired as a window cleaner should have fall protection but most likely will not require documentation for confined space.

By acting as a liaison between both the supplier and the contractor, CanQualify helps streamline this process and makes life easier for everyone involved.

Insurance Monitoring

Here at CanQualify, we also help clients collect & validate up-to-date insurance certificates from their contractors, vendors, and suppliers. This service is called “InsureQual”.

Having the peace of mind that the company you’ve hired is insured is why InsureQual is an important service for many of our clients.

CanQualify is notified when changes to the insurance policy occur, including the termination of a policy. Notifications are set in advance of insurance expiration to ensure the new certificate is gathered to help reduce the risk of laps of coverage.

Supplier Auditing

“AuditQual” is the collection & validation of written programs and safety manuals. Each hiring client might have unique requirements based on their own company policies, applicable government agencies, and various trade regulations.

Collecting the safety manual to ensure the supplier has one may be all that is needed in some cases. In other situations, it’s a good idea to also validate that the manual is being followed. We can assist with that process.

AuditQual provides two types of audits: Standard and Implementation


An audit of the safety manual that is uploaded by the supplier and is based on the line of work performed by the company.

Examples of programs/manuals collected: Fall Protection, Ladder Safety, Haz Com, LOTO, Bloodborne Pathogens, etc.


Please contact us for details and pricing regarding implementation audits.

Employee Management

“EmployeeQual” is the collection & validation of employee-specific training, set forth by the hiring client or regulation requirements.

This service validates that employees know the job they are required to perform and have been properly trained.

The cost of EmployeeQual is per-employee, and can vary depending on the data collected and services requested, such as:

  • Employee Certificates of Training
  • Induction Videos with Assessments
  • Badge Creation
  • Geo Fencing Technology to Track Hours and Employee Location If Necessary
  • Background Check (Pass/Fail)
  • Document Repository for Storing Hiring and Paperwork

Customized Management

Need a customized prequalification form tailored to your specific needs and requirements? Talk to one of our representatives about “CustomQual” – the ultimate solution to a highly customized platform.

If the services detailed in one of our other programs doesn’t quite fit into what your needs are, we can work together to customize a solution for you.

We can adapt to your requirements and customize the forms for qualification and audits relevant to your needs.

If you prefer a supplier qualification program be maintain in-house instead of CanQualify’s customer service team, CustomQual can help with that too.

Feel free to take advantage of our intuitive software and implement a custom program that is managed by you and your employees.


A low-cost solution to supplier prequalification for companies who want to easily manage suppliers but keep the process internal.

“InQual” is a subscription-based product that grants you access to our powerful supplier prequalification software but, allows you to manage the process internally and not rely on a third-party support team.

InQual Features:

  • Digital Supplier Prequalification
  • Collection of Safety Stats (Incident Reports, EMR Certs, Etc)
  • Insurance Collection (COIs)
  • Store Important Documents (MSAs, Policies, T&Cs, etc.)
  • Reduced Costs

There are no limit requirements to the number of participating suppliers. If you hire just a few or even a few hundred suppliers, this service could be just what you need.

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