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CanQualify for Suppliers

Contractors, sub-contractors, vendors, and suppliers can rest easy knowing that registration process with CanQualify is fast and easy.

In fact, we have the most user-friendly software on the market and our processing turn times is in days, not weeks. This is one of the main reasons that so many of our clients choose CanQualify for their supplier prequalification partner.


Benefits of Being a Registered Member with CanQualify:

  • The same prequalification standard is applied to all companies within a trade or service. This levels the playing field for all who are qualified to perform the work, no matter how big or small your company is.

  • CanQualify ensures that you fully understand all hiring client requirements and how to meet them. Our representatives are available to help with all aspects of the process.

  • CanQualify’s prequalification process is streamlined. We help you complete the process more efficiently, thus reducing your companies’ administrative burden while also eliminating any need to hire assistance from a third-party.

  • CanQualify helps to connect your company with clients who use our platform. This gives your company additional exposure, and often results in more bidding opportunities.

  • You can use CanQualify’s centralized database as a document repository. Have access to all your uploaded information when you need it for all your locations.

  • Companies who have been prequalified may use the CanQualify registered member badge on their company’s website. Hiring clients who see contractors have been prequalified through our database can often stand out during the bidding process.


Hiring clients often require subcontractors to qualify and comply with the same requirements as the general contractor. So, whether you’re acting as the sub or, if you’ve hired subs to work with you… the CanQualify process remains the same.

Did you know that you can register with CanQualify even if you haven’t been instructed to do so by a hiring client?

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Easy 3-Step Process

Here’s what the process looks like for suppliers:

What Suppliers and Contractors are Saying about CanQualify…

“Thank you! Can’t thank you enough for helping me through the process.”

Raymond J Childs Jr., R.J. Childs General Contracting

“CanQualify is our preferred supplier prequalification company. We’d encourage all hiring clients to use them because of a multitude of reasons: customer support, relevant requirements, quick turn times, easy to understand dashboard and very affordable.”

George Bourbeau, Amherst Insulation & Firestop

“Simply put, this company is good.”

Arturo Delgado, General Contractor

“CanQualify’s system is so much easier to use.”

Joan H, Technical Engineered Coatings, Inc

“Our customer service rep Jen is wonderful!!!”

Karin T, Water Treatment Services

“CanQualify is an easy to use platform with clear instructions and an informative dashboard. Their customer service is excellent and very responsive!”

Michelle LaRondelle, West Coast Solar

“Thank you for actually calling me and not just treating me like a robot-like your competitors do.”

Marron B, Ally Energy Solutions

“Thank you! You made this so easy.”

David T, Curry Mechanical