Do you need to pre-qualify your contractors/suppliers?

CanQualify Partnership Benefits

Searching for a solution to your contractor/supplier prequalification needs? One that provides you with the right information to determine your existing and future business partner’s qualifications? All while not slowing down the entire vetting process with redundant information or extra steps?

Extra steps simply become a burden on your contractors/suppliers.

We offer a customizable solution that does just that and, allows you to determine how much gathering of information is necessary to make informed decisions about contractor/supplier qualification based on the assembly of benchmarks that you have established to meet your compliance needs.

Some of the many benefits that differentiate us from our competitors:

  • Contractors/suppliers pay for only the services you require and are not lumped into a larger based subscription program that is intended to raise the initial and annual fees based on redundant services, multiple client connections or number of employees the contractor/supplier maintains.

  • Our model sets the stage for the most efficient path between the introduction of the process to your contractors/suppliers and the ultimate goal of using your qualified business partner to accomplish the work.

  • No automated connections including upgrade fees for services other clients require that you don’t require.

  • No set-up fees! and the pricing structure is always transparent to the subscriber.

  • We offer a grandfather conversion when moving from a previously enrolled program to ours. We will honor the contractor’s/supplier’s current annual renewal date.  No fees will be assessed until their current annual fees become due with the prior provider.

  • Our proactive customer relations representatives assist your contractors/suppliers with an easy step by step approach to the end goal and completion of the process. Our skilled and compassionate representatives understand the business culture and appreciate how difficult many of the 3rd party vetting programs can be to navigate and time consuming to complete.

  • Our program does not require the contractor/supplier to hire an additional 3rd party company, advisor or consultant to act as their liaison simply to complete the process and maintain annual compliance.

We provide solutions through an intuitive cloud-based platform that allows our clients to manage and compare contractors/suppliers to each other as well as to industry standards and best practices.

We assist our clients with making informed decisions about which contractors/suppliers make the list of approved business partners simply based on client driven data points.

With a contractor/supplier pricing model that makes sense, process ease of use, direct hands-on support, and complete customization of the program based on client requirements, desires and best practices, CanQualify should be your go-to partner for the long-term solution of contractor/supplier qualification.

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CanQualify is a Better way to Qualify and Manage supplier because we are what the prequalification process should be.






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