Angi and Home Advisor have taken a lot of stress away from American homeowners. Their unique software pre-qualifies contractors for residential home repairs. Instead of searching the web for contractors to fix your leaky faucet or build you a deck, a quick search on one of these platforms will find you qualified companies in seconds.

This saves you valuable time from searching for the right trade to complete your job: plumbing, carpentry, masonry, etc. Not to mention finding companies that do those jobs, then researching the contractor’s websites to see if their services match your needs. And finally, scouring Yelp for any negative reviews.

These are great services for the frustrated homeowner, but what about your business?

Imagine your company was just awarded a huge government contract to manufacture a million wafers. Or, what if you need a dehumidification system installed in your specialized storage room? HomeAdvisor will not be there for you.

So, who do you turn to? These types of projects are way above Angi’s head.

Besides requiring the employees to meet certain qualifications, some of these jobs will require security clearances. Do you even know what to look for in that case?

What if…

What if there was a company, that will handle all the necessary quality checks, background checks as well as safety records for you? And what if all your potential sub-contractors have been pre-qualified to your specs before they submit their bids?

A company such as this would be an invaluable part of your hiring team. They could potentially save you thousands of dollars in time and effort. Not to mention the mental stress of wondering if you hired the right company. Sure, you can write assurances into your contract, and then what? The contractor breaks the agreement and you’re back to square one.

This company would be able to pre-qualify all your potential contractors. They will take your company by the hand and ensure your supply chain is filled with pre-qualified prospects based on your specific requirements.

Once your qualifications are in place, all you have to do is provide a list of companies that are required to become pre-qualified to work for you. Finally, this company would work with the prospect contractors to ensure they meet the standard before they even submit a bid.

Think about everything being done for you and your hiring team. Instead of putting in the hours working on hiring a contractor, they will be working at their “real” jobs. The jobs you hired them to do.

CanQualify is the HomeAdvisor and Angi for Industry.

A quick look behind the curtain showed you what HomeAdvisor and Angi can do for the homeowner. Multiply that by ten and you will begin to see how CanQualify’s customized search of pre-qualified companies will save you time, money, and effort, placing only the best, most qualified candidates in your inbox.

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Article by: Gary A. Wright,  MS, CSP

Gary has been in the Safety & Health Industry for over 30 years.  He has worked in the military, government, and private sectors and currently works as an Environmental, Safety & Health (ES&H) Coordinator in the Laboratory Safety Industry.

He not only represents the safety industry, but also the safety worker.