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If you work with suppliers, contractors, subcontractors or vendors, you may have experienced issues with managing data collection and ensuring they continue to meet your requirements.

Without a clear pre-qualification process, compliance requirements can be difficult to standardize. Additionally, emails or paper qualification forms are time-consuming and not efficient in managing supplier data.

Supplier management should not be burdensome, time-consuming, or frustrating. So ask yourself…

Do you need to centralize all supplier data into one easy-to-navigate database?

Do you need to convert paper qualification forms to digital?

Do you need to improve communication within your organization regarding supplier requirements and expectations (this is particularly crucial for organizations with multiple site locations)?

Do you need a way to enforce standardized compliance requirements and establish a clear pre-qualification process?

Do you currently manage two databases of contractors because of pricy or cumbersome alternative solutions?

Is your workflow not as efficient as it should be due to bottlenecks caused by slow prequalification reviews?

Is your prequalification data incomplete and/or outdated due to contractors’ reluctance to update their paperwork, considering that such updates can affect their supplier rating until the review process concludes weeks later?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone. The good news is, we’re here to help!

About CanQualify’s Contractor Management and Prequalification Solutions

DocuQual helps organizations streamline the supplier prequalification and management process. It provides a centralized database of supplier data that is simple to navigate, allowing you and your team to manage relationships with your suppliers easily.

DocuQual Features and Benefits:

Streamlined, Simplified, Dependable, Reliable, & Scalable

CanQualify reduces the burden of gathering and validating documentation from suppliers.

You get a centralized dashboard that’s simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate.

You can scale personnel effortlessly with a team of supplier relations professionals (us!) helping you work towards your goals.

Intuitive, Easy to Use, and Customizable

“DocuQual” is an intuitive, web-based prequalification assessment that validates supplier compliance based on your specific hiring client requirements. It includes the collection of documents such as company policies, MSAs, T&Cs, and more.

Reduces Risk

Prequalifying suppliers is a proven way to help reduce contractor risk.

Works for Small Businesses to Large Corporations, Organizations, and Entities

While smaller contractors may not always provide the same level of service, it’s important to recognize that risk can exist regardless of the size of the company employing the workers. Incidences can occur on a client’s site regardless of the contractor’s size, highlighting the need for diligent risk management and safety practices across the board.

DocuQual Works in Any Industry

Our Customizable Prequalification questionnaire is based on your specific client requirements. We work with you to ensure a smooth process. The assessment is relevant to your operations and the work your suppliers will be performing.

What makes DocuQual Different?

DocuQual Works in Any Industry

Transportation (air, sea, rail, trucking)
Education, Districts, Universities, and Colleges
Local, State, and National Governments


Waste Management
Hospitals / Medical
Power Plants / Energy
Farming / Agriculture
Food Industry & Hospitality

Research / Labs
Temp Agencies

Inquire if your industry is not on this list.

We are committed to helping you make the most of your supplier prequalification and management process.

Sign up today and experience how DocuQual can optimize your prequalification process.

What People Say About CanQualify

Customer service has been great and actually helpful. They are very resonable in charges too. They don’t seem to nickel and dime you and don’t have automatic upgrade fees, that I’ve seen anyway. As a contractor who has to use them because of a clients requirements I can’t complain.

Jerry Smith

I genuinely appreciate that we received a notification that a new client wanted to connect to our services and that we didn’t simply get charged without knowing about it first. Automatic connection charges are something we’ve experienced with another company and the level of frustration is hard to explain so I’m glad CQ allows us to choose if we connect or not.

Harold Goolsby

I’ve used ISN, Avetta and Ventiforce (PEC) and CanQualify has been easier to navigate and has had better customer service. Everything was processed so quickly.

Brandon Olson

CanQualify is an easy-to-use platform with clear instructions and an informative dashboard. Their customer service is excellent and very responsive!

Michelle LaRondelle

Registration and paperwork was processed very quickly.

Donald Ramirez

A+! Excellent service and simple too.

Cassondra Green

I have been a part of other pre-qual companies and CanQualify is hands down our preferred!

Roy Bennett

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CanQualify is a Better way to Qualify and Manage supplier because we are what the prequalification process should be.






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