Hiring Client Benefits

Support / Verification

Support / Verification

CanQualify has a team of dedicated customer service representatives who contact each company and guide them through the prequalification process. Once all client requirements have been submitted CanQualifiy validates all requirements meet the hiring client requirements. CanQualify validates data annually and communicates any changes to hiring client.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Access qualified companies in one centralized location. Leverage your spend with qualified companies who work at multiple site locations. Standardize your prequalification program leveling the playing field for all companies working at your site locations. Reduce the burden of your staff freeing up time to assist in other areas of your business. Companies who participate in a prequalification program have reduced incidences.



Access to a variety of real-time reports. View company compliance data from a corporate, regional or site level. Run trending data on Fatalities, TRIR, LWCR, DART, EMR. View or print your contractor list reflecting current compliance status. See where the ball is regarding compliance; Company, CanQualify or Hiring Client.

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