Nidec has partnered with CanQualify to streamline a safety-oriented registration process for contractor procurement.

Conformity: To become a contractor for Nidec America simply click on the registration link below and follow the easy steps to complete the registration process.

What will be needed to complete registration?

  • Company Profile – Register and activate your account

  • Complete the Health, Safety and Environmental Prequalification Questionnaire

  • Documents needed: Safety Statistics (i.e. OSHA logs, EMR certs, Citation History, etc)

  • Add training records of employee for competency validation.

Representatives with CanQualify – a leading provider of contractor management services – are available to assist with the registration and prequalification process.

“We recognize that the preservation of the global environment contributes to the prosperity of the world and the well-being of the people, and we will actively work in all aspects of our production activities in harmony with economic development and the environment, and conduct activities to realize a sustainable recycling based society. Supplier Management helps us procure from suppliers that have a safe track record and that can continuously promote environmental conservation activities.”

– Nidec Americas

Register today to become a supplier or contractor for Nidec.