Loureiro is committed to the safety and health of every employee and subcontractor.

Loureiro wants to ensure all companies doing business with Loureiro also embrace the same values and commitments to safety. Subcontractors are to complete the prequalification form to help gauge their level of commitment to safety and adherence to regulations.

The prequalification assessment process is streamlined and can be completed through the link below.

What will be needed to complete subcontractor registration?

  • Company Profile – Register and activate your account

  • Complete the Health, Safety and Environmental Prequalification Questionnaire

  • Documents needed: Safety Statistics (i.e. OSHA logs, EMR certs, Citation History, etc)

  • Employees to complete orientation video, assessment and upload training certificates for competency validation.

The purpose of the prequalification process is to help subcontractors better understand and fully conform to the requirements to work with Loureiro.

Representatives with CanQualify – a leading provider of contractor management services – are available to assist with the registration and prequalification process.

“Safety starts at the top and is embraced by all of our employees but also extends to all of our subcontractors. Prequalification enhances our safety goal of having jobsites among the safest in the industry.”
— Loureiro