The Lagunitas Brewing Company has streamlined the registration process of contractor assessments.

“We love it when a plan comes together at The Lagunitas Brewing Company and partnering with an innovative contractor management service, CanQualiy, has simplified the process for registration and contractor assessment.”

To become a contractor for The Lagunitas Brewing Company simply click on the registration link below and follow the easy steps to complete the registration process.

What will be needed to complete contractor registration?

  • Company Profile – Register and activate your account

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Prequalification Questionnaire Comp

  • Insurance Questionnaire and upload Certificate of Insurance

  • Employee Orientation & Training docs

Professional Representatives at CanQualify are available to assist through the registration process.

Register today to become a Contractor with The Lagunitas Brewing Company.

Lagunitas Brewing Company Logo - contractor management