Iwatani Corporation of America Supplier Management Program

Welcome to the Iwatani supplier registration page.

A safe work environment is essential to becoming the world’s leader in hydrogen fuel.  Our suppliers’ efforts to help ensure a safe work environment is equally essential.

Our digital supplier management program will help better assess those who are committed to safety.

To become a Supplier (contractor, subcontractor, vendor) for Iwatani Corporation of America, simply register and complete the prequalification process through the link below.

“Become a person needed by society, as those needed by society can prosper.”
– Naoji Iwatani

What Supplier will need to complete registration:

  • Company Profile – Register and activate your account

  • Complete the Health, Safety, and Environmental Prequalification Questionnaire and upload Safety Manual.

  • Documents Needed: Safety Statistics (e.g. OSHA logs, EMR Certs Citation History, etc.)

  • Insurance – complete Questionnaire and upload Certificate of Insurance

  • Employee Registration – Complete Assessment, Paperwork and upload Craft Certificates and/or licenses.

The dashboard is user-friendly however, professional representatives at CanQualify are available to help throughout the registration process.

By doing what’s necessary to make the world better, we will all prosper.