We are pleased to announce a partnership between ABB, Inc. and CanQualify.

CanQualify will help to streamline the process of contractor assessment for the Selmer Tennessee facility of ABB, Inc.

ABB, Inc is committed to improving its supply base. Through collaboration with our business partners, we aim to enhance supplier relationships, ensure the highest quality standards and create a sustainable supply chain.

What contractors will need to complete registration:

  • Company Profile – Register and activate your account

  • Complete the Prequalification Questionnaire

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Documents needed:

    • Safety Statistics (i.e., Safety Manual, OSHA logs, EMR certs, Citation History, etc.)
  • Upload Insurance information

  • Employee Level Management (For Contractor Employees working at ABB Systems locations, USA

    • Employees must complete site-specific orientation & hazard awareness training prior to arriving onsite.

The program is user-friendly however, professional representatives at CanQualify are available to help throughout the registration process.

For additional details about the program, contact CanQualify customer service or your representative at ABB Inc.

To become a contractor/supplier for ABB Inc, simply click on the link below and register today.

Register today to become a supplier or contractor for ABB Inc.